'Transformers 4' To Film In China, Star Chinese Actors as Paramount Enters Co-Production Agreement

The Hollywood Reporter: ''The studio is teaming with China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises to give the big-budget film a major presence in the country, where the franchise is a huge hit.''

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ironfist921900d ago

Im susprised its not set in Japan, and the Japanese are trying to reverse engineer their own Transofmrer robots for their own control which ends up turning on their creators.

A sort of Frankenstein story, but with Scourge/Nemesis Prime

aDDicteD1896d ago

actually filming in china and getting several chinese actors to participate in the movie is actually fresh air for a smoke filled franchise. there are a lot of good locations in china were they can make another war zone for an hour straight. and mark wahlberg replacing shia lebouf as the main star means more action as well. i dont know how the story would continue when optimus already obliterated megatron fatality style in dark of the moon, i cant picture a transformer movie without megatron.