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GOTD writes: Season 3 is in the can and with a huge body count along with some unexpected deaths, we see the conclusion of the Woodsbury Vs. Prison story arc and the beginning of a who new direction for Rick and his group. We conclude our last episode for this season with some thoughts on the finale and the season overall compared to the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. So until the beginning of season 4, on behalf of Brian, James and myself, take care and we hope to have you back in a little under 9 months to join us when we discover the fate of Rick, The Governor and everyone else. Featured music is from the soundtrack for "The Walking Dead" television show.

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aDDicteD1839d ago

lol when they compared carl to becoming either the governor or like shane. Well.. carl really step up in this season and I like it. He is also like his comic counterpart and i have high hopes on his character development come season 4.