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David Weaver from Examiner writes: Leave it to the legendary animation house Studio Ghibli to remind us once again how easy it is to get swept away by lush 2D animation and enthralled by a simple story about finding that someone special in your life and dealing with the unforeseen obstacles that life throws our way. Under the care of Hayao Miyazaki's son Goro Miyazaki, who took directing honors this time out, their latest film "From Up On Poppy Hill" continues their longstanding tradition of immaculate visuals mixed with charming characters and a dash of the whimsical to create an experience that is solely unique to Studio Ghibli.

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Hergula1907d ago

Nice review, it is a phenomenal anime, one that everybody should see.

aDDicteD1898d ago

ill probably watch this just because of the good review, it sounds interesting. and i never get tired of watching a good anime.