Justified: Not The Bad Guy: TVF Review

What do you tell yourself at night, when you lay your head down, that allows you to wake up in the morning pretending that you're not the bad guy?

Not only was Walton Goggins' delivery of the quote above utterly perfect as always, but the content of it was also such a great example of why Raylan Givens is such an interesting hero to follow that it had to lead off this review of the Justified Season 4 finale.

It hasn't just been Raylan; Tony Soprano and Walter White, among others, are also fascinating television protagonists of the last decade who fall somewhere different along the sliding scale of good and bad. Yet Raylan is one that always finds himself on the right side of the law no matter which of his actions make you question his motives.

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alycakes1878d ago

It was a good finale. I thought it was a little different that this time Raylan wasn't in trouble for a change and Boyd actually got a little of his own medicine for a change. I felt for Ava but she did make her choice a long time ago and now we'll just have to wait to see what happens.