Oblivion Director - All Blockbusters Don't Need to be 3D

Clickonline writes: "Commercials director Joseph Kosinski chose to shoot his first feature, 2010s Tron: Legacy in 3D to help get across the films unique visuals. Three years on and the filmmaker decided against the format for his latest blockbuster, Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. In this case, he says it’s a matter of light."

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Hergula1754d ago

I hate 3D, it completely ruins the quality of the film, it is fun just for the hell of it, but dont ever watch a movie in 3D and then review it.

Derekvinyard131754d ago

I feel it makes it harder for film makers because they have to compromise with some good ideas they may have

Hergula1754d ago

True that, they have to change some things to make the 3D work, also add moments where it can actually be utilized.

RetrospectRealm1754d ago

Yessss. I love this guy. Only some movies like Avatar need to be. But then, Avatar's 3D was freaking amazing.

Sahil1753d ago

True, 3D movies are just a gimmick these days.