Marvels' Phase 2: First Look

Take a first look at Marvel's Phase 2, including early look at "Thor 2", "Captain America 2", "Guardians of the Galaxy", and more.

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Hergula1784d ago

Man, this vid got me even more excited for for Iron Man 3 and Captain America.

Thor 2 will be solid as hell it seems.

SantistaUSA1784d ago

This is my first time seeing Ant-man movie scenes, looks pretty good! Marvel is making some amazing movies! :D

Hergula1784d ago

Agreed, they have seriously stepped their game up.

Sahil1784d ago

They should go into thinking about these movies: S.H.I.E.L.D, Black Panther, and something about Budapest or whatever happened. DC is really going the wrong way copying Marvel.

RetrospectRealm1784d ago

Can't wait for Ant-Man the most.

Sahil1784d ago

Not a big Ant man fan, but that could be very interesting when he has ants marching next to him. Also would be good if he turned into yellowjacket at the end!

aDDicteD1781d ago

i agree, between those movies i got to say I'm looking forward to the ant man and guardians of the galaxy the most. i hope those two film do well cause we know that iron man 3, thor 2 and captain america 2 will be good.

RetrospectRealm1781d ago

Yeah, I was really impressed with that Ant-Man test footage.

aDDicteD1781d ago

I like that they said "You haven't seen anything yet", i'm really looking forward to all of those movies and I'm glad that Ant-man is on it as well.