Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Review [GG3]

GG3 revisits Silent Hill, but not in the same surprising way as the original. Instead, dreadful and bland acting upon a stale plot take away the once great moments of suspense this movie had and replaces it with cheap action shots.

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Sahil1908d ago

I never actually finished watching the entire movie, So much of it was corny n wasnt anything like i liked like from the first movie. the first movie was more scary and touching. as soon as i heard the ghost saying lines like. *you cannot defeat me* and telling her not to go to silent hill then. later for no reason at all they say *come to silent hill* just so many flaws n such i just couldnt force myself to finish the entire movie. Dissapointed.

Hergula1907d ago

As a die hard Silent Hill fan, this film pissed me off, they ruined the series and made it into a pathetic film that should not ever been released.

aDDicteD1907d ago

people who got to watch this film in 3d in the theaters would definitely be pissed of losing 3 dollars more and people who will get this in 3d blu ray will surely sell it out immediately, like the whole movie was a bad joke.