Watch the Haunting First Trailer for A Single Shot Starring Sam Rockwell

Fresh off of it’s world premiere at the Berlinale Festival, David M. Rosenthal‘s crime thriller A Single Shot got itself a trailer today, and boy is it something to see. The film was adapted by Matthew F. Jones from his own novel and stars Sam Rockwell as a deer hunter who falls into a strange game of cat and mouse with some backwoods criminals. The trailer acts more like a tone poem than a traditional trailer, but in this sense it sets a haunting, elliptical mood that has me very psyched for the film itself, much more so than a straightforward trailer focused on plot and exposition.

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Hergula1875d ago

I didnt find it that interesting to be honest...

Sahil1874d ago

If I had to pick three people to watch in a single film Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, Ted Levine would be it. I can't wait to see this.

aDDicteD1867d ago

the movie might be good, but the trailer itself was horrible, to be a film trailer it was to random with no direction and it cannot work as a teaser trailer as well because its too long. based solely on the trailer, it didnt get my attention.