Castle: The Lives Of Others: TVF Review


'The lives of others' marked two events: Castle’s birthday and, even more importantly, the 100th episode of our favorite Monday night series. Let’s waste no more time and let's talk Castle, shall we?

Rear Window Castle is stuck in his apartment after messing up his knee skiing with Beckett. Strapped with boredom, he resorts to using binoculars and peeking in on his neighbors. After swearing that he witnessed a murder in the apartment across the alley, Castle goes on to drive everyone crazy. Alexis, Beckett, Ryan and Espo are all dragged into Castle’s antics.

Little did we know that Beckett had planned the most elaborate and best birthday ever for her man. Seriously, that was pretty much amazing. With the help of Martha and her acting students, Alexis and the binoculars, Ryan and Espo checking in on the case, even Gates working her way in...everything was perfect. Richard Castle is one lucky man.

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alycakes1849d ago

This was the most awesome episode ever!!!! I was all into it and on the edge and you would have to have seen it to know what I mean. They had me hook, line and sink.

Best 100th episode any show has ever delivered.