[The Nerd Cabinet] The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 16 (‘Welcome to the Tombs’) – Finale Review

This season of The Walking Dead has been hit and miss. Some episodes have been extremely thrilling whereas others have been dull as ever. I feel the first half of season three was well balanced and left us in anticipation, with a cliff hanger. All was well when we found out what happened and moved along. However, this is where the season started to wobble. Some episodes were fully dialogue, others we didn’t see any of Rick’s group, and some others didn’t develop characters well (if at all).

The previous episode was given a 9/10 by my brother. I agree with that score. It was an intense episode with an end to a long time character of the series. The fact that Merle did something for others, and died in the process, was heartfelt. Daryl’s reaction to Merle’s turning was the most emotional part. Does this episode continue with sentimental approach?

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alycakes1907d ago

So many different opinions out there about this finale. I think this is the right rating myself. It's more appropriate for what happened considering what was going on all season.

Nitrowolf21906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

TBH I felt underwhelmed. Not saying it was bad, the opening was great, but it felt like they rushed the fighting and focused to much on
Andrea death. I guess that was important, but they really should have ended the Governor here rather than continue to expand on him next season. We have seen his "good side" and him going full out bad. I was hoping Andrea would, even though I didn't like her,did what she wanted to do and kill the governor. IDK I was kind of expecting a twisted ending where he returns home to an empty town, enraged, he decides to sleep it off. Here we are again in his bedroom with a shadow lingering over him, he awakes by a noise to see a Zombified Andrea, zoom pan out from his window, end. I thought thta would have been a nice ending TBH XD, cause it's not like they are following the comics to the exact details anyway.

but yea, not many people cared about Andrea, Meryl deathr eally got to me ;(

Reibooi1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I liked the finale and my comment will have a few spoilers so beware.

I liked it but I do also understand why people didn't. Alot of folks are kinda angry that the attack on the prison wasen't much longer and action packed. I understand this issue as the show itself was implying and building to something MUCH bigger and when it happens and is smaller it's a big letdown.

Also I understand if you want to kill off Andrea but shoot it better. There were so many moments when she stopped and did nothing instead of frantically trying to free herself like Milton told her to. Even the last shot before it goes to black and commercial Milton is still standing a few feet away and she had just freed both hands making me think when it cut to black that it was just for suspense and that she lived.

Those issues aside most of what people are complaining about is a certain character dying and or not dying because they should be gone based on the comics and here is where I get annoyed. People need to understand that the show isn't gonna be 100% the same as the comics. What would be the point of watching if it was? You would already know everything. I do admit that the show seems to be going downhill be it's not going so fast that it's not still a pretty good show. I still enjoy it despite the comics being much better and for those who don't read the comics they wouldn't know any better anyways.

alycakes1906d ago

I think it should have been a 2 hour season finale. The attach could have been longer and there could have been a lot more action but you can only get so much done in one hour. They had a lot to cover and they did cover a lot of material and pretty well, I might add considering the time frame.

despair1906d ago

I'm ok with shows (usually anime) that follow the comics faithfully but also ones like this which do their own thing while still being somewhat faithful to the source material. So while I hated what they did to Andrea's character from the comics to the tv show, looking at it purely from the show POV she was still a poorly written character.

It actually would've been better if she stayed and died at the CDC like she wanted to IMO, after that she was nothing but an annoying mess with a permanent chip on her shoulder.

I do agree that it was ridiculous how she died. I mean this is a woman who killed dozens if not hundreds of walkers, with tiny knives, sticks, scredrivers etc, and yet she couldn't take out one guy while free and with a weapon? Hell Glen took out a walker while tied to a chair. It definitely could've been done better.

Th3 Chr0nic1906d ago

it felt underwhelming to me. it was good and i enjoyed it but i was left with a feeling that something was lacking.

despair1906d ago

It was ok, I thought it needed more, it was like the penultimate episode rather than a finale. Plus at this point everyone hated Andrea so even that bit was not nearly as impactful as it could've been. Still it was quite entertaining to watch if not a bit lacking.

Sahil1906d ago

I had a feeling she wouldn't walk away this season. she missed too many chances this season, and it came back and literally bit her on the shoulder. i still like her though, so its sad to see another original member gone. :(

ironfist921906d ago


Some folks are easily impressed...

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