Jessica Chastain: Woman on a Mission

Planet Ivy: Jessica Chastain must be tired. It’s hard to believe that a mere five years ago none of us had ever heard of her. It seems to have been an extremely easy success story – the epitome of overnight sensation. 2011, her breakout year, saw her releasing seven films and garnering acting nominations galore. If there was a top prize in the ‘Busiest Actress’ category, she would have won hands down.

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moviewatcher1905d ago

The industry is still controlled by men, outright.

gorillabiscuits1905d ago

Your blanket statement is a bit dumb tbh, there are plenty of succesful women in Hollywood!

bytefeast1905d ago

Sad but true. Jess is amazing though, Zero Dark Thirty is quality

SnakeCQC1905d ago

zero dark thirty was a typical american bs propaganda movie

bytefeast1905d ago

*ACtually, both men and women are to be known as actors following a ruling in the mid 2000's...FTFY

Hergula1905d ago

She should have won an Oscar for her role in Zero Dark Thirty, no questions asked.

aDDicteD1898d ago

Jessica Chastain is truly one of the busiest actress since 2011, back then she i didnt notice her that much, but after seeing zero dark thirty i became a fan, i remembered watching the debt months ago and i liked her acting but she wasnt famous as she was now. she will be back for more nominations in the coming years since she continously gets and chooses good projects.