Paramount Greenlights G.I. Joe 3; Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Talks His Ideas for Sequel

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opened to the second-biggest Easter weekend box office, so it looks like the Joes and Cobra are going to live to duke it out another day. According to Variety, Paramount has greenlit G.I. Joe 3. While a third G.I. Joe wasn’t in too much doubt, announcing the sequel the Sunday after Retaliation‘s release is a big vote of confidence from the studio rather than a “Let’s wait to see how well it does on DVD.”

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alycakes1847d ago

If it's as good as this second one or better then I don't mind if they make another one. I enjoy the fight scenes and the story also have some type of goal.

kingPoS1845d ago

I wonder if the bluray of G.I. Joe 2 will include post summer 12' version in the deluxe set.

Sahil1844d ago

Is there any movie coming out this year which DOESN'T have Bruce Willis in it? :P

alycakes1844d ago

I know what you mean...Red 2 is coming out and he's one of the main stars too. That one is going to be sooooo funny. I have to say that he brings a little more to the film for me though.