The Walking Dead: "Welcome to the Tombs": IGN Review

The Walking Dead finale had a lot to deal with and there were certainly some exciting and crowd pleasing moments. But it also suffered from some dramatic missteps and off moments that ultimately made it good but not great.

While it seemed kind of silly for the Governor to go through all that preparation with his torture instruments just to decide “Eh, never mind!” when it came to using them, I will say Plan B was still mighty effective – lethally stabbing Milton and leaving him locked up with Andrea, so she could watch him slowly die and then, inevitably, come back and kill her? That’s pretty diabolical.

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alycakes1909d ago

While I totally disagree with this rating, I put this out anyway. I thought it was a lot better than just good. I like the finale except for one thing...the governor is still alive. I thought Andrea dying was appropriate for the story and where it was going the whole season. As for Carl...he's been getting darker and darker since he had to kill his own mother and Rick has closed his eyes to it because he's been fighting his own demons....maybe now he'll pay attention...but it might be too late.

Sahil1907d ago

I'd love to see the Morales family again. It would be nice to have someone for Carl to relate to his own age. Carl is a smart kid in a tough world. With his dad last act Carl will learn to have a bigger heart. This EP. Had a lot of heart!

aDDicteD1906d ago

yup, Carl stepped up this season. Carl and Michonne were very close to their comics characters that's why i like them and they get more and more likable.

aDDicteD1909d ago

the episode was good but not that satisfying for me. Its sad to see Andrea go without her character getting some kind of character redemption. they could have save her character and build her for the next season and be just like the character in the comics that was more likable.
I have a mix feelings about this episode just like what the article stated. Im a fan of both the comics and the tv series and seeing how the assault went out on this episode was a bit of a letdown......maybe will see a much more likable assault next season which was really well made in the comics. another thing that they should have add is that they should at least give a little glimpse on what to expect next season like season 2 finale giving us a look at the prison.

Crazay1900d ago

I had no issue with the way they ended this season. I knew they weren't going to just finish with the Governor because there's still so much more he has to do. I predict the governor plays out until the half season break and hes done then the survivors move on from the prison. One thing that I was hoping they were going to bring into play was a character that was in the prison and what he did bt that never happened so with the other people from Woodbury coming into play, I think we can get those shock moments in season 4