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On the season three finale of The Walking Dead, the war between Woodbury and the prison comes to a head and we say goodbye to another main character.

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Sahil1846d ago

If andrea hurried up a little rather than stare at Milton for 20 minutes she would have made it out soon enough to get rid of him before he turned...

Veni Vidi Vici1845d ago

That's what you call bad directing. The writers ultimately wanted her to die(I'm fine with that choice). The director is supposed to present her death in a way that's believable. They failed. Nobody in that position would have been doing what Andrea did. They would have been moving as fast as they could. They should have either made Milton turn sooner, made her drop the pliers more often, and/or made it harder for her to break free of the cuffs(or whatever was on her wrists).

ironfist921845d ago

I figured she kept talking to Milton to keep him alive for longer

Cirran1846d ago

Ugh. That episode was just so bad. Started great...That ending tho.

Sahil1846d ago

Yeah, kinda went downhill after the governor went ape shit.

aDDicteD1846d ago


Agreed, the first scenes were really great and i thought that the milton being stabbed was just the appetizer. after that there was... none.

wishingW3L1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

it was very good last season EP, they ended it very well. The Governor was only dragging things down way too much, he still had lots of guns and power for another entire season of just more boring "war" between them.

And he was obviously crazy, his head was already in another place, he only cared about his daughter and she was no more. If he stabbed his best friend he going ape crap on those people is nothing and it was better than the ending everybody was expecting, him getting killed by Rick. And beside, he already knew he didn't have enough men to fight Rick's group and that he was gonna lose. All he had were 3 men at most and the rest hardly knew how to use a gun.

The only thing I didn't like was the woman that survived because the entire plot progression hanged in a thread.

aDDicteD1845d ago

I have a mix feeling after watching this finale. there are a lot of things i liked but of course there are some that were a bit of a letdown. I knew that the governor will survive for the next season because season 3 was just the getting to know him part, he became dark on the last few episodes which was really good and i expect him to be more darker but as much as i like that to happen I still didn't expect him to gun down his own people. I also dont know what to say about andrea's death, she's one of my favorite's in the comics and did a lot more things but in this series they already killed her character.

Veni Vidi Vici1845d ago


Wasn't really big on this episode, although there were some aspects that were done well (like Carl killing that boy and his dad trying to bring him "back to humanity" by bringing in all those people. But for a finale, it really didn't go anywhere. There were many episodes this season that were WAY more impactful.

I am glad they aren't following the comic though.

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