The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Best Moments

Best Horror Movies says "After an action-packed run of The Walking Dead with the introduction of The Governor and the town of Woodbury over Season 3, the drama comes to a dramatic end with closure, and some unanswered questions."

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Best-Horror-Movies1814d ago

A great episode I cant wait for Season 4!

Root1814d ago

Yoir joking was terrible and such a let down

Sahil1814d ago

No, it really wasn't man. To each their own.

Cirran1814d ago

I agree at the episode being a let down. It started so good and just got terrible after the governor uh went crazy?

Root1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Sorry but it was

Governor is still alive

Prison arc will be stretched out

Andrea dying in the most out of character way, she didn't even get the chance to redeem her character with some good writting.

Carl....STILL ALIVE...come on

The prison assault was crap and didnt even last 10 minutes despite the hype

I could go on

Best-Horror-Movies1814d ago

ok great is was an overstatement. I think I was just happy to see Andrea go.

Tultras1812d ago

A veteran who has killed so many walkers just happens to die like that? ( Andrea ).

The character deaths are too unrealistic and out of touch.

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Sahil1814d ago

Watching the Walking Dead with all those stupid commercials makes me want to blow my head off. And cinematic value they have is ruined when Burger King comes in with their shitty ad.

Was a nice finale tho.

alycakes1813d ago

I was saying the same was almost as if they added a few extra long commercials just to make us wait even longer. I kinda knew Andrea was going to kick the bucket because she was the only one doing all the PR on the talk show circuit this last week and was talking about how many deaths there was going to be.

Best-Horror-Movies1814d ago

I agree, there were way too many commercials, it was ridiculous.

Camza1813d ago

I was expecting the prison assault to be much more exciting to be honest.

aDDicteD1813d ago

I was expecting a lot too, in the comics it was really well done. i guess will wait for the next season and hope to see a much epic one on season 4.

JamieLeeC931813d ago

Andrea took way too long listening to Milton when she could have used all that time trying to escape.. Maybe then she wouldn't have been bit.

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