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Willow: IGN Blu-ray Review

The heartwarming fantasy epic is treated with a lot of love on Blu-ray.

It doesn't feel possible that 25 years has passed since Willow graced the silver screen, but life on Earth rumbles on even as the world of Willow stays mystically fixed in that sweet spot between the low-grade practical effects of its forebears and the CG-rich rich world of Peter Jackson's LOTR and Hobbit films. Released in 1988, Willow still stands among the biggest fantasy epics undertaken, and sports quite a pedigree: George Lucas' reputation is universally known as creator of Star Wars, and Ron Howard has had a long, fruitful and storied career, especially as a director. That they came together for a shining moment in the twilight of the 80s is a cinematic gift.

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alycakes1904d ago

I will be getting this. It's one of my favorite movies and I loved showing it to my kids. I think it would be even better in Blu-ray

Sahil1904d ago

someone explain the (-) at the end of the review "peck peck peck?' i havent seen the movie before is this a reference to something that happens in the movie?

AtomicGerbil1902d ago

Peck was a derogatory name for Willow's race.

Crazay1894d ago

AWESOME MOVIE! Must own this one.