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Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

"This Sorrowful Life" is an emotional, action packed episode of The Walking Dead.

Note: Full spoilers for the episode follow.

I've always loved Merle. Sure he can be a douche, but Michael Rooker does a great job of fleshing him out and keeping him from becoming mustache-twirlingly evil just for evil's sake. He's done some bad things, but as he rationalizes in "This Sorrowful Life", who hasn't in the zombie apocalypse? In fact, Rick personally asks him to do one more terrible thing in service of the group, before he has a change of heart. But good ol' Merle finally gets some redemption in this episode. Unfortunately he ends up sacrificing his life taking down as many of The Governor's henchmen as he can, but he finally gets in one selfless act.

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aDDicteD1838d ago

This episode was one of the best this season 3. Michael Rooker had really done a great job on his character Merle. It was really sad to see Merle go, He was one of my favorite character in the show.