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This week’s episode is called "Carnage" and although we do get to see the red and black symbiote; the plot is mainly centered on Harry Osborn’s trouble relationship with his father Norman. Of course it’s not your typical family squabble since both Osborns are super villains; Harry being Venom and Norman being the Goblin.

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Sahil1910d ago

Just like the ultimate spider-man game from 2005 :D

RetrospectRealm1910d ago

I loved that game. REALLY UNDDERATED too. Probably best Spider-Man game ever.

aDDicteD1905d ago

why is it carnage does not get a lot of attention neither in cartoons or in movies? this guy is practically more savage than venom and in the cartoons you only see him very limited, i also use to watch the 90's version of spiderman cartoons and i only saw him like only 2 episodes, even in spiderman games in playstation this villain is always a supporting freak, i wish they do him justice one day in the big screen.