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David Weaver from Movie Viral writes: Niccol’s new film The Host takes the tween romance angle we all love to hate, removes the supernatural elements, and replaces it with a sci-fi hook. With the help of seasoned sci-fi director like Niccol (Gattaca) at the helm and a cast of young twenty-somethings that, unlike in Meyer’s previous series, seem to have a grasp on that little thing called acting, this “new” direction for her tried and true love triangle formula isn’t nearly the train wreck most were expecting it to be, but don’t take that as this being anything more than a mediocre endeavor at best.

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StarWarsFan1849d ago

I'm not fan of the lead actress.

Sahil1849d ago

Ok, I'm sorry. The movie was horrible. I guess if you're 12, you might have liked it. The book was amazing, but the movie was slow, dull, and corny. They could have done a wayyyy better job! Btw, idk what happened...... They have some great actors in it, yet all their acting seemed to be extremely bad.

aDDicteD1849d ago

Dont know if this movie is worth seeing..The consistent low reviews this one is getting says it all.