Green Lantern and Young Justice May Not Be Dead After All!

Fueled by fan outcry, a website called is in negotiations with Warner Brothers to set up a meeting to discuss reviving Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice! Our prayers have been answered! The site announced via Tumblr, that a meeting will occur in April and the studio will decide whether or not to allow SMGO to create a Kickstarter-like campaign, allowing fans to contribute money in order to help bring these two fan-favorite cartoons back.

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StarWarsFan1876d ago

Well this is curious news.

aDDicteD1868d ago

Green lantern animated series might be risky but if you can get the kids to watch it then it will work in the long run. look how batman the animated series added to the already popular status of batman. especially that green lanterns recent movie was received badly, they need to solidify his status to make people interested in the character. look how avengers build up almost everyone of their roster. justice league should do the same even in the small ways, starting small can be beneficial sometimes.