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Erik's Music Blog: People go to the movies for various reasons. They go to be enlightened, they go to be educated, they go to have an experience As great and dandy as all these things are, there is also one giant aspect of moviegoing that is often forgotten when writing about movies: having fun. I can write thousands and thousands of words about a movie’s artistic value and you will probably read it, how can I suggest a movie if it isn’t fun to go to? As much as I love going to movies to be impressed cinematically, there is a part of me that just loves sitting with a group of strangers that I don’t know, and having a great time. Olympus Has Fallen has various flaws, which we’ll dive into, but above everything it is nothing short of a cinematic roller coaster.

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Sahil1909d ago

This was the most ridiculous, cliche, cheesy action movie I've ever seen in my life.

But f***, watching Gerard Butler stab some North Koreans in the neck pumps me the f up.

StarWarsFan1909d ago

Gerard Butler is back in style.

alycakes1908d ago

I love Butler when he's in a serious action movie or drama supense thriller. He's okay in comedy but so much better in the serious stuff.