Hemlock Grove Footage From Wondercon 2013

IGN has posted a new Hemlock Grove Trailer from Wondercon 2013. The footage met with great response from fans and looks to be a interesting new series for horror fans.

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StarWarsFan1880d ago

I'm intrigued enough for more so far.

Sahil1880d ago

Are werewolves just considered people who can turn into a wolf now? I liked the other one better lycans or whatever right? I'm not to sure my mythology sucks :) just mean the kind of werewolf were they can stand on 2 legs like humans and what not

Garethvk1879d ago

I like what Netflix is doing. With any luck this and Arrested Development will do well so they will become more involved with original programs.

aDDicteD1872d ago

that wicked transformation is enough to get my attention. good news its coming to netflix. im just curious how will he transform back when his teeth and skin was already torn out and the transformation itself reminded me of old school werewolf transformation that puts jacobs transformation in twilight into shame.