'Zombieland' On Amazon: Get A First Look At The Teaser Art For The Adaptation

Huffington Post

Amazon has officially ordered a "Zombieland" pilot and HuffPost TV has the exclusive first look at what the series could look like.

Like the movie of the same name on which the pilot is based, Amazon's "Zombieland" will follow four survivors as they attempt to outwit the walkers and find a place to make their home. Kirk Ward will play Tallahassee (originated by Woody Harrelson), Maiara Walsh will star as Wichita (originated by Emma Stone), Tyler Ross is set to play Columbus (originated by Jesse Eisenberg) and Izabela Vidovic takes over as Little Rock (originated by Abigail Breslin).

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Sahil1909d ago

They have to have the same cast of the movie, it'd be a let down, If they went the other way with the cast.

StarWarsFan1908d ago

Could be entertaining. I thought the film could have been a bit funnier and better paced at some points.

aDDicteD1908d ago

a tv series about zombies has unlimited possibilities like in the film they can embark on any mindless adventures like theme parks and bill murrays mansion and everyone will still be entertained.