Independent Cinema - From Up on Poppy Hill Review

Independent Cinema writes: Studio Ghibli is the best animated company out there right now, consistently providing the best in hand-drawn animated films since Castle in the Sky. However, it has become apparent that Hayao Miyazaki is where all the talent resides in the film studio, not to say that other directors have not had success, but that Miyazaki seems to be where all the more imaginative films stem from. His films fall less on the realistic side and more into the surreal and fantastical. Then you have the other films in the Ghibli canon like From Up on Poppy Hill, which places Hayao’s son Goro Miyazaki in the director’s chair with a script co-written by his father and Keiko Niwa (who co-wrote Goro’s debut Tales From Earthsea with him). This film grounds itself in the past, as a 1963 Japan prepares itself to host the Olympics and a backdrop of post-war change lingers throughout the nation.

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Sahil1846d ago

Does anyone actually know when this is released in the UK yet? I can't seem to find an official 'cinema release date' or a 'dvd release date'.
I know that sometimes independent cinemas in London have had a few showings for Studio Ghibli films but I can't seem to find anything for this one!