Hot Trailer 'Before Midnight'

The third installment in the Richard Linklater-Julie Delpy-Ethan Hawke trilogy generated serious heat at Sundance this year. Seven buyers circled Before Midnight after its well-received premiere there until Sony Pictures Classics won out by sealing of the biggest deals of the festival. This one follows Jesse and Celine, now in Greece, nine years after the last pic (2004′s Before Sunset). It opens in NY and LA on May 24.

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aDDicteD1882d ago

this franchise is one of the most underrated romance movies i have known, the first movie which was titled before sunrise was really great and is also, if not as good as the notebook, even if this film is talky which it does from start to end, the dialogue is spontaneously natural and clever, part 2 was a notch down and is really open ended which makes the viewer make his own belief what happened in the end, i am happy they made the third movie for closure purposes whether or not they end up together will still make it a good overall trilogy for me.

Sahil1881d ago

I wonder if we'll be told their back story did he stay there on her couch or did he go back to his wife and then return to her... how long did they "date' before getting married.... etc.....

StarWarsFan1881d ago

I can't believe it's become a trilogy.

ajax171879d ago

I love those movies! I can't wait to see this.