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The Walking Dead Season 3 From McFarlane Toys

Box Office Buz: Toys for adults!! YAY!!! Well they're still a choke hazard but toys and action figures relating to our favourite TV shows or films have been littering the shelves of grown men and women for years. There's nothing better than bringing home your favourite character to play with or pop on a shelf in the hopes that when you leave the room they come to life in some weird adult version of Toy Story where they continue their fight for survival or just wreak havoc on the other toys outside their genre.

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aDDicteD1884d ago

The Merle Figure is really good, it has so much details on it. Same goes to the Michonne's zombie pets

Sahil1884d ago

haha.. that's so creepy, i wouldn't wanna see anywhere near me but my girlfriend's birthday coming up ;D