Disney Reveals Impressive Voice Cast For Planes

Disney has released the full voice cast for their new animated film "Planes". The movie was set to star John Cryer when it was announced in 2011 but Dane Cook has now taken over the lead in the story about a crop duster named Dusty who dreams of bigger things.

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StarWarsFan1911d ago

It doesn't seem like I've heard a whole lot about this movie and it's coming out in a few months.

Garethvk1911d ago

They announced it at D23 in 2011 and even had star John Cryer out to greet people. It went silent then a month ago they announced that Dane Cook had replaced Cryer as the lead and that has been it until now.

aDDicteD1910d ago

this is a disney film that is under the radar of sometime, maybe because it is a rip off of the movie cars. i hope this movie would entertain both kids and adults, because movies like cars 2, ice age sequels are only kiddie movies.

SouthClaw1910d ago

I don't know who thought it's an impressive cast but yeah... it's not

Sahil1910d ago

While I love the shift in gears from Cars to Planes, I wonder what the writers were thinking of when they decided that a prop plane would take on jet fighters? I mean seriously? A prop plane would simply disintegrate at anything approaching jet fighter speed!!!

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