New Documentary on DC Supervillains Announced

Necessary Evil to be Narrated by Christopher Lee.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced today that a new documentary is in the works on DC supervillains such as Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and Darkseid.

The project, titled Necessary Evil: Villains of DC Comics, will be narrated by legendary screen baddie Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars prequels, and Hammer horror classics), and will feature interviews with many comic book icons who have played a role in making these supervillains so infamous.

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alycakes1916d ago

This should be worth watching.

ironfist921915d ago

This should be very interesting.

aDDicteD1915d ago

That will be an interesting documentary, going to watch this one for sure! I'm surprised that they add bane on the list.