Justified: "Peace of Mind": IGN Review

Oh got dang it, they killed Colt off already?? Just when he was starting to be one of the better parts of the show??? Bah!

As the Crowder gang loses its integrity -- as the pieces that made Boyd whole fall apart -- we're left to wonder what's left.

But first, whoa, what a loaded ending. There's Winona, there she is receiving a chair, there's some mysterious guy making it and -- huh, he looks ... a lot like a Tonin guy! And just when we were bracing for an impact, fade to black.

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alycakes1913d ago

OMG! I can't believe how this one ended and I can't believe that next week is already the season finale. This show just goes by toooooo fast for me.

Sahil1912d ago

There's a reason why Justified is the only cop show I can tolerate. The cops are actually interesting characters with personality's beyond spewing police jargon with the occasional jokes which is their version of "personality", I actually care about Raylan, Art, Rachel and Tim. they aren't there just to spew exposition and argue about cases. Thank you writer's of Justified. BTW... more Limehouse would be welcomed.