Thief Steals Breaking Bad Ending From Bryan Cranston

Planet Ivy: Breaking Bad, one of modern television’s greatest achievements (fact), has had the plot of its fifth and final season compromised after the script was stolen from the star of the show, Bryan Cranston, who plays the increasingly villainous, meth-cooking, cancer-suffering anti-hero, Walter White.

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abc12331855d ago

Fucking with Heisenberg, worse.

DJBenz1856d ago

If the thief shows up in a plastic barrel full of acid, I won't be surprised.

appleandroid1856d ago

Haha, best in-joke reply I've seen on this site so far :)

appleandroid1856d ago

I wonder who stole the Sopranos ending though?
We never got to see the ending..

gorillabiscuits1856d ago

"You know what they say about bank robbers?
You never catch a good one" - Jack Nicholson

StarWarsFan1855d ago

Is Walter White going to go after the thief? Duh!