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"I had a few problems that I think spoiled the over all feeling of the film. I felt the film had horrible pacing and jumped to too many locations at once. One moment you are watching a desert battle, the next a battle on the other side of the world, then back to Washington D.C. There is also way too much set up that seemed to be completely rushed in the ultimate anti-climatic finale fight. The film throws in the unnecessary character of General Joe Colton played by Bruce Willis as just a big name to hype the marketing of the film. I was also bored that the major Cobra villain wasn’t Arnold Vosloo as Zartan, but rather himself disguised as Jonathan Pryce being the President. The Cobra plot against the world definitely reminded me of the cool weapons of mass destruction from the 80′s cartoons, but once that part of the story is revealed, it’s already at the end of the film, which once again is totally rushed." - Craig Kandiko of

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