Danny Boyle: '3D Movies are a Phase'

The Guardian: 3D movies may be nothing more than a "phase", according to Oscar-winning British director Danny Boyle.

Boyle, who on Sunday night received an outstanding contribution prize at the Empire awards, said he was not a fan of stereoscope on film and doubted it would survive.

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Yi-Long1911d ago

... It's just another gimmick that's been used to great effect in a few movies (Avatar), but mostly it's been ABUSED, in a terrible and lazy way, in order to ask for more money for a movie ticket or 3D BluRay release...

I honestly feel it doesn't add anything to the experience. Quite the opposite in fact.

aDDicteD1911d ago

i agree the same way, 3D if used in the right purpose brings out movie magic spectacles, often should it be used as a tool to connect realism with fantasy but some filmakers used it as a tool to generate profits. i hope 3ds will be used intelligently to generate originality, whats worst now is that there are a lot of sequels and a lot of 3ds a formula to milking good franchises until the very last drop.

Sahil1910d ago

I'd say the way it's being used is a phase. I think it has potential but why would any serious director really bother with it? They either demote their film to a spectacle as it is marketed now or live long enough to the point where you can watch it in 3D or 2D and accept it as the same thing.

StarWarsFan1908d ago

3D is a phase, at least as a mainstream thing. I think it'll stick around as a supplementary format for theatrical releases but not as the primary format. When it comes to things like 3D TV's, it's a huge phase. There just isn't enough content out there to justify it. I remember just a few years ago a sports channel was announced to come out in 3D: never happened. Video games: nothing. As for 3D Blu-ray: such a small selection. I think they'd be better off just further developing Blu-rays and BD-Live in some way.