The Full Trailer for The Wolverine is Here


After a week of teasing – posters, a Vine trailer, teasing snippets – the full trailer for The Wolverine has arrived.

So take a look at here, and speculate wildly in the comments below

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Hergula1719d ago

Holy Crap! Im most definetly looking forward to this, looks really good, Hugh is actually buff enough it seems and the story looks rather solid, BUT Im still not sure how good it actually will be, yet Im happy that not everything was revealed in the trailer.

Crazay1719d ago

The movie looks incredible. He's jacked up in a big way but looks more lean in this movie as opposed to the other ones where he was just jacked up.

Sahil1718d ago

I hope this isn't some sick April fools joke! This movie looks seriously awesome!

ironfist921719d ago

Freaking amazing. Seems like they went the Dark Knight route with Wolverine, and it works!

I always thought this was a sequel to XMen Origins, but im guessing its after X3

Genki1718d ago

How do you know it works if the movie isn't out yet?

I remember Origins, among many other movies, having awesome trailers too, but the finished product? Different story.

ironfist921718d ago

I had low expectations when going into Origins, and what I got was a campy fun movie, which you cant complain wasnt as bad as X3

Genki1718d ago

I didn't find Origins campy at all; took itself way too seriously to be remotely close to anything I'd consider camp. Aside from that, it being slightly better or worse than X3 is neither here nor there. A bad film is a bad film, and these two examples were especially terrible.

Like I said, this trailer is good, but I have my reservations.

Sahil1718d ago

Agreed, this is exactly what I was thinking, this is set after X3

StarWarsFan1719d ago

Wolverine is back and pumping on all cylinders by the looks of this.

aDDicteD1718d ago

the trailer was amazing, it looks like a movie that really is concentrated on wolverine and not much on other mutants like x men origins, i hope the movie will be as awesome as the trailer with a lot of twist.

Sahil1718d ago

Very surprised and very happy with the direction this movie is going towards. But come on..we all want a rated "R" Wolverine movie ;)