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The Greatest Super-Hero Cartoons

Martin takes a look at some of the best super-hero cartoon series to ever hit the small screen.

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StarWarsFan1887d ago

Batman: The Animated Series is one of the best cartoons ever made. For an animated film, it took the character of Batman so seriously without making it too depressing or dark.

Yi-Long1886d ago

... plus I feel that Batman Beyond was excellent as well, and Superman TAS was also very good.

So sad to see many of these great shows being cancelled way too early.

Also, here in Holland all cartoons are now being dubbed in Dutch, and hardly any of them are sold as complete box-sets, making it very difficult for comic fans to watch these cartoons.

Sahil1885d ago

Yeah, Superman TAS was excellent as well, missed it in my list. Those days were golden.

Sahil1886d ago

I'd say #5:Young Justice #4:Batman Beyond #3:JL/JLU #2:Spectacular Spider-man #1:Batman TASI

aDDicteD1886d ago

Batman animated series is my favorite superhero cartoon. I also would like to see both the classic 90's x-men and spiderman be mentioned.