Iron Man 3 Reveals Hulkbuster


New Iron Man 3 promo reveals the Hulkbuster armor!

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Crazay1668d ago

That's a mean looking armor there. I like it.

Hergula1667d ago

If I was to go by the comics, Hulkbuster is mean as hell.

Hulkbuster vs The Hulk - We all know what happened...;)

Crazay1667d ago

Actually...I don't know what happened. LOL

Hergula1667d ago

If Im not wrong, Hulk rips the Hulkbuster apart, which is ironic because The HULK is fighting HULKbuster. :)

ironfist921667d ago

Hulk gets stronger, Hulkbuster doesnt, maybe Tony didnt account for that

MrGunny941666d ago

This is NOT the Hulkbuster armor, it's like the Alpha Phase of it,according to the storyline of Earth- 199999 which is Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the Avengers Tony makes armors against everything.

If the story goes as planned. in Avengers 2 Tony will fight against Hulk and throw him into the space with the help of Fury, there u'll see what this project that started in IM3 becomes Hulkbuster in A2.

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