A Look Back at Ridley Scott

Box Office Buz: In celebration of the upcoming DVD release of Labyrinth out on DVD 1st April from Universal Pictures (UK), a miniseries produced by Ridley & Tony Scott, let’s take a look back at some of the amazing works that Sir Ridley Scott has created.

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appleandroid1855d ago

One of the best directors of all time.

StarWarsFan1854d ago

I respect the variety of the work he's done, although Kingdom Of Heaven and Robin Hood seemed like they were trying to replicate the look and feel of Gladiator. They could have used something different.

aDDicteD1850d ago

one of the best directors. alien might be his masterpiece, blade runner is a close second. prometheus is not yet a finished work so its to early to criticize. i think his weakest project was robin hood but then again that version of robin hood is even better than the kevin costner version.