The Following: "Guilt": IGN Review

"Why do they all live here? And how come my dad's not in jail anymore?" Oh, Joey. So young, but so wise. Your question could work as a tagline for the entire series, couldn't it?

Sorry for the ol' reviewer switch-a-roo, but dearest Roth has other fish to fry so I shall be taking over the weekly reviews of The Following. Fear not, there aren't many episodes left this year, so you don't have to put up with me much longer. "Guilt" managed to pull a few weird, random tricks out of its grab bag (Ryan's old girlfriend Molly is with Joe?) while bringing Ryan and Claire closer together than they've ever been this season.

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alycakes1884d ago

I guess it's true what they say 'you don't want to look but you can't turn your face away from a train wreck'. I don't know why I'm still watching this makes me so mad.

medman1883d ago

I've said the same thing for weeks!! I keep tuning in, but I really don't like the show very much. At least I think I don't, but I must be tuning in for some reason. I don't find the writing to be very good, and it's a bit ridiculous how dumb law enforcement is. But for some strange reason I haven't quit this stupid show yet! Maybe I need therapy.

krazykombatant1879d ago

I agree as well, after every episodes i just go "the hell did I just watch" only to bunker down again next week for another hour.