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On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick makes a decision about Michonne's fate but Merle has other plans for her.

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Bumpmapping1885d ago

Best episode of the season.

Kran1885d ago

Good episode. Glad about the outcome though many are disappointed or sad about it :P

Sahil1884d ago

Wouldn't it be awesome if daryl left merle as a walker because he couldn't kill him and at the end of the season finalle merle's walker kills the governor at the end of the episode!

ironfist921884d ago

Gives Daryl more of a reason to go Apeshit on Gov, how it is now.

"This time...its personal"

aDDicteD1884d ago

As the episode progresses i got a feeling that Merle will die but i always thought that he will go out with a bang but he got beaten by the governor single handed instead. it was an awesome episode. cant wait for the big finale.

ABizzel11884d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I was like, "Isn't Merle suppose to be this big, merciless, kick@$$ survivalist, and he's getting beat by a 1-eyed former accountant called the Governor. Michone put up a better fight.

But then I remembered he had been fight zombies off the entire time when he was bringing Michone to the Govern, and before the Governor attacked all the other men were jumping him, so I guess he can get a slight pass.

aDDicteD1884d ago

I'll also add that merle was drinking before that event lol. so yes maybe those factors made the governor on the upper hand.

Soldierone1884d ago

He was also mostly drunk at that point so he couldn't "feel" a whole lot, but his body knew it was beat.

They should have had him coughing up blood after the guys got to him.

ironfist921884d ago


I never expected him to die so soon, given his tough macho personality. But I guess we all fall in the end, one way or another. Seeya Merle, I'll miss ya

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