Captain America The Winter Soldier is Confirmed to Start Shooting in Cleveland This May

The Not known as a spot for Hollywood to bring in their big-budget film productions, Cleveland, Ohio has a knack for luring the superhero genre to its streets. Spider-Man 3 shot on Euclid Ave., The Avengers shut down parts of East 9th and now Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to shoot in Cleveland.

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StarWarsFan1910d ago

Finally something not shot in England.

aDDicteD1906d ago

good to know that they are stating to shoot in may. Hope this sequel tops the first film, i liked the first Captain America but in my opinion The other marvel films( thor, incredible hulk) were better.

Sahil1906d ago

why can't marvel come out with movies faster? the wait time is understandable to hype up excitement and what not but the more movies they make the more fan's they'll have!