The First Trailer From Riddick Is Here

Vin Diesel himself posted the first trailer to Riddick on his Facebook page and Skewed and Reviewed have posted what looks to be a great new entry into the series.

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StarWarsFan1884d ago

This is more of a TV ad than a real trailer.

MilkMan1884d ago

True, but I'm ready to buy 20 tickets right now. This is proof that perseverance pays off. This entire series has been fueled by Vin and director David. Its never generated bazillions of dollars. Its just something Vin likes and he makes for the fans as well as himself.

You simply have to love that kind of dedication and perseverance.

SnakeCQC1884d ago

its going to be awesome

Hergula1884d ago

No Riddick film has actually spoken to me, so I doubt Ill enjoy this one...

aDDicteD1884d ago

it is a teaser trailer. i would like to see the actual trailer to get to know if this will be good.

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The story is too old to be commented.