Ryan Reynolds Has ‘Very Little Interest’ in ‘Justice League’ Return

The outlook on a Justice League movie continues to be cloudy, but if DC Comics and Warner Bros. are going to begin development this decade, then the question of bringing back previous actors to reprise roles is the first set of decisions that must be made. Henry Cavill playing Superman post-Man of Steel (2013) seems like a no-brainer, even if Christian Bale’s return is still a total mystery.

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Etseix1915d ago

Not saying he did bad on Green Lantern, ( his performance ) but oh god, i hated that movie D:

The Man of Steel, is looking funkin nice.

Hergula1915d ago

And thank God for that, Ryan Reynolds is not only a mediocre actor, but he does not fit the character of Green Lantern, never will.

Ryan Reynolds has the personality for Deadpool though, a film which Im looking forward to.

vanethe1915d ago

the movie was bad , so this is good news

NastyDaddeh1915d ago

he would make such aggoooodddd DEAD POOL

Deadpool6161915d ago

The movie had potential to be a huge hit, but it was very mediocre. The villain was lame, the love interest was forced, and the pacing of the movie was just bad. I don't read the Green Lantern comics, but I know Sinestro is his archenemy. Not having Sinestro as the villain and betting on a sequel for him to arise was an idiotic idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.