Ryan Reynolds On Deadpool: The Movie

In this week's Empire Podcast, Ryan Reynolds dropped in to talk about his latest, The Croods, as well as the proposed Justice League movie and - at our insistence - the fabled hard-R script for a Deadpool spin-off currently kicking around his production office.

You can hear it from the horse's mouth below - Ryan's interview starts at 48.50 or so - but we've also put snippets of what he said below for your reading pleasure. For the extended Ryan Reynolds interview, featuring much more than what you hear in the podcast, be sure to click in this direction, because it really is very funny. Honest.

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StarWarsFan1919d ago

It seems like they've been talking about this proposed movie forever.

calis1918d ago

Anyone got a summary of what was said about the Deadpool movie that will probably never happen.

Reibooi1918d ago

Basically that there is a script and it's a very hard R and bordering on NC-17. They think the hold up is the studio doesn't have the guts to do it without watering it down.

Sahil1918d ago

cheers, din't know that

aDDicteD1918d ago

I'm not so sure if this spinoff would be good. i have so much doubts on it and i dont want Reynolds to be deadpool again.

Sahil1918d ago

He looks different from the comics compared to this movie.