Actress Lily Rabe Discusses Her Manipulating Ways As The Devil In American Horror Story Asylum

Lily Rabe details the struggle of Sister Mary within American Horror Story Asylum and her thoughts on creating an American Horror Story Asylum videogame.

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gamerlive1890d ago

This is a great TV franchise.

aDDicteD1889d ago

Lily Rabe's character was one of the bright spots in american horror story season 2. As an actress she somehow showed her range from being a sweetly naive nun to a seductress with devilish charm. i hope she will be part of the franchise in future installments.

StarWarsFan1887d ago

I still haven't checked this show out. I don't know why I'm not eager to.

medman1887d ago

American Horror Story is one of my favorites on TV. It constantly keeps you guessing about where the plot may be going during a season run, and I haven't been disappointed in it yet. Very well written show. Lily Rabe played her role wonderfully. First, very naive and a bit slow. Next, completely horrible as the demon itself. Nice.

KrisK1886d ago

Really need to start watching this.