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Horror movie fans complain about endless remakes and video game adaptations. Silent Hill: Revelation does nothing to address their complaints.

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Hergula1859d ago

Well put, I read the entire review and I feel like you got your point across. Like I said earlier, Silent Hill games are not only among my favorites, but the series changed my life in a major way. The concept and storytelling are among the best in gaming history.

After seeing the SH: Revelation trailer, I knew I couldnt watch it, they literally murder the entire plot that the games had and twist it into a cheap horror movie.

Also, it is incredibly ironic how both SH films have a female protagonist, when every SH game , but one, has a male lead.

And the worst thing about it, is that in the SH games, explanations are given for most things, or atleast hinted at, in SH films, they dont care for any of that, as long as its scary and gory they dont use their brains more.

aDDicteD1858d ago

yup it's really a 1/5
at first i thought that this movie will be like part 1 which was a good video game adaptation but it turns out that this 2nd is as bad as it can get. i didnt like the plot as well as the deathmatch at the end and pyramid head being a guardian..geez...

Hergula1858d ago

SH: Revelation - They changed way too much from the original story and literally made it about scares, instead of actually developing the psychological aspect, which is the most important thing, in Silent Hill.

Some things just feel out of place and forced, it never really got interesting either, it was rather bland.

aDDicteD1858d ago

yup, a lot of things were out of place and doesn't fit to the silent hill formula. It was so different from the original story which was taken from silent hill 3 videogame. it's a huge disappointment because i liked the first movie as well as the silent hill 3 videogame.

Hergula1858d ago

Fully agree, Silent Hill 3 had a solid story and a realistic setup, yet they managed somehow to create a terrible movie based on it. While the first Silent Hill was good enough for a first installment, I was expecting for huge improvements in the sequel, it it fell flat.

Sahil1850d ago

Haha 1/5, that sucks.