Cast and Crew Spill the Beans on Iron Man 3


We do our best to shield our readers from unwarranted spoilers for upcoming films in regular articles, which is why we're going to issue a giant "Spoiler Warning!" right here. Marvel Studios sent out a series of interviews with the cast and crew of their upcoming film Iron Man 3 and they didn't hold back on a lot of spoilers for the film. Since we know that some people are interested in reading these things, we've compiled the most revealing and interesting bits below.

Again, Spoiler warning...

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StarWarsFan1856d ago

I think I'm more excited to see this one than I was with Iron Man 2. Maybe it's more with hindsight though as I don't think Iron Man 2 lived up to expectations. But I do believe the trailer for this one looks much more exciting than the previous movie's trailer.