Blu-Ray Picks For The Month Of April

Every week a flood of new Blu-Ray releases hit store shelves. Studios push their films down your throats, with a bevy of quality titles vying for your attention. And usually, most are worthy of it. It is here that we face a dilemma. Fear not though as What Do You Fancy runs down the top Blu-Rays for the month.

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alycakes1889d ago

All the blu-rays and dvds are coming out so quick these days. I'm really surprised. Today, I'm getting the Hobbit and Les Mis. Those just came out on Christmas day. You used to have to wait 4-6 months to get the movie...I guess they just decided the sales are better this way.

Sahil1888d ago

Good move on their part, The movie is still fresh in people's minds and there comes out the Bluray version. BOOM! Sales.

and not so much for our pockets tho ;)

StarWarsFan1889d ago

Django Unchained is my top pick for April.

aDDicteD1888d ago

i'v forgotten about jurassic park 3d coming this april.
I'm also interested on picking up django unchained.

Sahil1888d ago

I'll surely pick up Django unchained, one for me and one for my friend.