Arrow: "The Huntress Returns": IGN Review

The Arrow writers didn't waste a great deal of time before bringing The Huntress back into the fold. Unfortunately, they might have been better off letting that open plot thread simmer for a while longer. Jessica De Gouw's return as the crossbow-wielding vigilante was disappointing in several respects. But more than anything, it was frustrating to see the direction the writers have chosen to go with her character.

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Hergula1921d ago

Im still on the edge about "Arrow", Ive seen like 5-6 episodes and it is quite good, yet It doesn´t pull me in, the story feels too weak and is presented in an odd way...

calis1920d ago

This was a pretty ordinary episode, seemed disjointed and didn't have any flow.

ironfist921919d ago

"Don't pay attention, IGN gives great scores to poor and boring Walking Dead episodes."

Pretty much what this commenter said. I like Arrow, and this episode wasnt as amazing as we'd hoped, it was still good.

Sahil1911d ago

I new that was gonna happen. As soon as he snatched Theas purse Thu episode I new it. And I love it. He's hot.