Gruesome New Images from Evil Dead

Everyone should have seen the red band trailer for Fede Alvarez' remake, but have you seen these disturbing images that capture some of its gory glory?

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Hergula1857d ago

This film looks really really good, while I doubt it will be the most scary film of the year, it will surely be the best.

Reibooi1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Might not be the scariest movie of the year but I would put money on it being the goriest movie of the year.

Hergula1856d ago

You might be correct, I will definetly watch it when the opportunity presents itself.

DJBenz1857d ago

It's a really great film. Very well paced and extremely gory.

gunnerforlife1856d ago

you make it sound like youve seen it...

Sahil1855d ago

It was fine, not scary scary but scary :p

DJBenz1855d ago

Check my review linked in the pictures article.

bytefeast1857d ago

Suitably disgusting. I approve :)

Sahil1855d ago

Haha.. You like disgusting movies?

bytefeast1851d ago

haha, that's the spirit!

StarWarsFan1856d ago

Disgustingly awesome. Yippee.

aDDicteD1854d ago

I'm excited to see this one on the bigscreen. cant wait!