DigitalNoob Review: The Croods

Amanda Marron writes:

"I was lucky enough to score passes to a pre-release screening of The Croods in 3D to which I was escorted by my four year old niece. On a side note, as much as I love to see the coming attractions, the best thing about a pre-release screening is that there are no previews, but I digress. The Croods is a story about a prehistoric family that gets uprooted from the only home that they know, a cave in a gully. Grug, the leader of this caveman family, is continually trying to shelter his children as well as his wife (Ugga) and mother-in-law (Gran), from the big, wide world. Grug continually rebuffs anything ‘new’ and only allows his family to go out in the daylight to hunt about one day every week."

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