New Set Video for Godzilla Reveals Destruction

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Production literally just started on the new Godzilla reboot yesterday and the film's director Gareth Edwards posted a "Welcome" video for all the fans teasing the film's completed first shot. Today, we've got a new video from the Vancouver set of the film and there are quite a few more charred helicopters than in yesterday's video.

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alycakes1918d ago

My husband and I liked the one that was made the last time and since they've improved all the effects and CGI...just about everything with movies these days... this should be an interesting movie to go see.

StarWarsFan1917d ago

I have to be honest: I enjoyed Roland Emmerich's Godzilla. I thought it was a modern and cleverly-designed movie. The reptile they created was awesome.

LOL_WUT1917d ago

Same here man I remember getting the Godzilla toys and the movie at the same time. Such a good movie

StarWarsFan1916d ago

Exactly! I think it's under-appreciated. It's given such a hard time so often. It is a solid movie. They didn't make it campy or anything. They took it really seriously. Personally, I think I'd be more into seeing a sequel to that more than this upcoming Godzilla movie.

Sahil1916d ago

This is going to be a bonafide epic! It possesses a solid cast, the right director for the job and has Weta Digital doing the SFX. Believe me...., this will rock

aDDicteD1908d ago

i think this new godzilla movie will concentrate more on mayhem and that godzilla is a near unstoppable force to be reckoned with in contrast to the 98 version of godzilla that was depicted concentrates on godzilla as an animal that could easily be outsmarted. if done more completely this time they can introduce other famous monsters like mothra and other godzilla foes which might be one angle that they are concentrating more on violence this time around rather than a jurassic park style version of the monster.